For two days now, the world has been a duller place than it was before. Only after Steve Jobs' death I truly began to think how much I owe to him - and the impact he has had is staggering. The man brought personal computing to the masses, then helped create the movie studio that brought us the first feature length 3D animation not to mention the consistent artistic and popular successes that followed, and finally heralded the true beginning of the smartphone revolution. Calling him the CEO of the century is an understatement. Both my current job and my previous one are directly related to what he accomplished.

Jobs has been criticized for harsh treatment of employees, and Apple sure likes to put a marketing spin on things that really aren't that awesome. But Jobs truly was enthusiastic about what he did, and had unmatched commitment to design quality. I've laughed at many jokes made at his expense, but first and foremost, the man has always been a source of inspiration for me. The products Jobs left behind are something that people truly want, not only what they'll live with. Only time will tell whether Apple's success story will continue, but one thing is sure: the scope of Steve's achievements will be hard to match. That makes it even more important that we will try our hardest to do so.